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Dan Bodanis

Dan Bodanis

Senior Financial Advisor

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Dan has long held the belief that "financial planning, at the highest philosophical level, is about creating and preserving peace of mind." The protective layer built around that philosophy is "reducing financial stress through the financial planning process, to help create and maintain the lifestyle his clients envisioned." In addition to his responsibilities as a Senior Financial Advisor, Dan is also a published author, a noted speaker, and a passionate advocate for his clients and the industry he serves.

As a Senior Financial Advisor with 30 years experience, Dan has helped each client that was referred to him, as if they were family. In turn, clients come to rely upon Dan, as they would any trusted family member. In the face of a rapidly changing financial services industry, Dan has always been the calm, consistent, well-reasoned/seasoned voice, that has helped his many clients enjoy a great deal of long standing success.

In addition to his responsibilities as a Senior Financial Advisor, Dan believes passionately in the concept of “Paying it Forward,” and he has chaired and served on several boards and committees. Over years, Dan has conducted many charitable fundraising events for organizations like: The CNIB, The Red Cross, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, Peel Children’s Centre, Armagh House, The ILC Foundation, JDRF, the Hemophilia Society of Ontario, SARS Fundraising Event, Bam Iran Fundraising Event for the victims of the major earthquake that instantly left 50,000 people homeless; the South East Asian Tsunami Fundraising Event, and more!

Dan has been happily married to his wife Kelly for 31 years. Together, they have two boys: Sabian, age 11 and Sebastian, age 7. Like his father, Sabian has a natural love of hockey, drumming, and public speaking. In the Bodanis household, Sebastian is the resident motivational specialist, coming into each day with smiles, hugs, and the most infectious laughter! Having profound Down Syndrome, brain damage from severe epilepsy, autism, and a host of other life-altering issues has never stopped Sebastian from expressing his love, or from crawling from one place to the next. Nothing gets in his way – especially when he is determined to track down any one of his family members – to crawl up on to their laps and give unconditional love.

Dan is proud to be playing a significant role as a Senior Financial Advisor, Executive and Director of Lifestyle Wealth.